Real-time hydrogen analysis and control

New features…

  • Integrated Mass Flow Controller
  • Integrated EEPROM (plug and play)
  • IP67 USB / Ethernet
  • Faster. Increased accuracy

Integrated EEPROM

New features…

  • Calibration constants entered automatically
  • Probe serial number and calibration constants read directly from integrated EEPROM
  • Operator error reduced
  • Automatic data input eliminates the possibility of the operator taking measurements with incorrect probe ID / calibration constants
  • Dip counter
  • Usage data recorded to EEPROM enables accurate cost per measurement to be determined

Precision calibration

New features…

Hycal Mk4 includes state-of-the-art mass flow controller for precise guided calibration.

The calibration gas flow rate is unaffected by:

  • depth of measurement
  • temperature / viscosity of the aluminium
  • blockage at the porous cap / aluminium interface